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Most of the common cause of street animals kills on road that drivers are not able to see them especially in Nights and because of that most animal suffer a pain full death.Theses Reflective collars for street dogs shines make them visible at nights from very far.

This is small initiative to protect street animals from road accidents and make a better life for them and keep them safe from terrible death.




Stray dogs are always at the risk of getting run over on busy roads in India’s bustling cities. The concept is to provide safety of street animals in nights by accidents. After R & D we have designed a Reflective collars special collar which shines in dark and gives protection to street animals from road kills. “Based on my own observations, I gathered that most of these accidents occur during the night time due to the lack of visibility of the stray animals. Especially close to the highway, there are an unaccounted number of deaths of these animals on the road,”

You can visit our FB page or our Instagram for reviews and feedback from the different buyers across India. These differ from the LED collars but it is most suitable for the street dogs of India.

Small feedback and reviews from our customers about these collars.

  • “These collars from Pawsitivity are brilliant! They’re both functional and great looking on our Indie babies. The quality is extraordinary and it is very easy to put them on too. Thank you Pawsitivity for helping us help the streeties
  • “The reflective collars reached my place in a few couple of days packed firm and intact. It is a necessity in so many ways. Not only do my babies look handsome and pretty but also get proper visibility at night after wearing the collars.” Thank you guys at Pawsitivity to think of such an initiative at such an affordable price.

These reflective collars have 5 unique key features that make them best and affordable in India.

  • High Reflection even in low light. So that it makes them visible from a far distance.
  • Side release plastic buckles make them easy to put on street dogs.
  • You can adjust the collars as per the size of the dog neck, no need to buy different collars for different sizes of dogs.
  • Quick-dry in the rain to reduce the chance of Infection.
  • Durable material and heavy-duty plastic buckles make them the most durable collars.





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