Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax!!! They are safe out there

As we know that festive season is approaching and worst nightmare for street animals will begin.

We look after them , feed them, vaccinate them, sterilize them take care of each and every thing. But these  festivals sometimes become the reason of fear, mental trauma and heart wrenching  incidents in their lives. They have nowhere to go, the sound of crackers can be heard everywhere. They run unconsciously on streets and get hit by vehicles or get lost .We see these  incidents every year.

Our REFLECTIVE COLLAR is the best and affordable solution for this. These reflective collars shines in dark when light of vehicles falls on it from very far. Drivers can see and control their speed. By which accidents can be avoided.
Gear up your street animals with this REFLECTIVE COLLARS and SIT BACK AND RELAX. They will be safe out there.

Note: You can write name, contact number and address on collar with permanent marker.

*In addition you can put name tags with collars to avoid dislocation 

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