World Stray Animals Day

Shower Love On Streeties On World Stray Animals Day

The dog is the oldest friend of human beings. A most friendly pet who understands human language and also communicates with humans in his way. But today a report shows that there are about 900 million dogs all over the world, out of which only 11% are getting the right food and care because they are domesticated and the rest are living like a stray animal. 

It is not an unknown fact that in these quarantine days, most people have made the distance from their pet dog or animals, causing these street dogs or animals to suffer mental stress. 

A dog always looks at you as its foster and will never harm you, and the World Health Organization (WHO) in this regard also says that dogs do not spread or transmit COVID-19 or coronavirus.

If you know someone who loves dogs but is keeping a distance from the stray animals due to the coronavirus or COVID-19, then explain to them the right information. There are some best gifts for dog lovers available in the market like dog badges and fridge magnets which you can give to a dog lover and make them aware. These are the days when animals expect more care and love from you.

How do dogs share feelings?

A dog cannot speak but can feel human actions and responds accordingly.

How to keep a pet or street animal happy?

Shower, massage, fun, healthy food, praise, pampering and confusing games keep your dogs fresh, active and happy while giving good food and a place to live makes them loyal to you.

The precautions we can take these days:

  • Keep your pet clean.
  • Take full care of hygiene.
  • Wash hands well after feeding stray animals.
  • Keep them hydrated.

Every soul is a friend of another soul. Let’s please the soul. On this upcoming World Stray Animal Day (April 4), reduce the distance from your pet or stray animal and feed the animals around you, take care of them as they also deserve a better life. Spread a message that pets or animals do not transmit the virus, they only transmit love.

If you are not able to go out, then there are many organizations that take care of these kinds of animals, you can give them information and also help with some contribution.

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