God Made Dogs

God made Dogs with pure heart and soul. And Dogs are considered as the most loyal and friendly creature in this world. Friendship and bond created with them once stays long forever. Some dogs get good families and homes to live but the street dogs have different streets as their home, they have no fixed place to sleep and family to love. But they start making their families on their own, they too have feelings and emotions. Not everybody in this world is in love with high breed dogs some people even love Street dogs. You give them food for 2 days the third day they themselves will come to you in a new hope of getting food. Once you become their friend they start loving you and start understanding your feelings. Just like your family members they will understand your good as well as bad days and try to make them better. Soon they become a part of your family and life and they will share every good and bad moment with you and always be there in your ups downs. They’ll always love you selflessly only expecting love in return so, it’s time to love dogs, not only domestic and high breed dogs but also stray dogs.

Adopt one stray dog and let it get the love of a family.  


Thanks for this wonderfull article

Vithika Kaushik