Animal Friendly Holi Celebration

How To Have An Animal-friendly Holi Celebration?

Holi, the festival of colours, marks the arrival of the spring season and this occasion brings tons of fun and entertainment. While we are in a playful mood to celebrate this festival with our loved ones, the homeless stray animals present on the streets are most scared of our celebration.

With a high number of street dogs, it is them among other animals who are exposed the most to the risk of our notorious celebration. While we have an option to easily clean the colour after the fun-filled celebration, unfortunately, the animals don’t.

The colour stains on their bodies can result in various toxin-related health problems. It is inevitable to not make the stray animals in our vicinity a part of our playful celebration.

While we have multiple options like seeing a doctor in case we have any ill-effects of colours on our skin, the stray animals do not. The number of toxins or chemicals present in a great number in the harmful colours can lead to fatalities too.

Harmful effects of colours on stray animals

Skin-related problems

The dry colours are comprised of chemicals like Mercury Sulfate and metal oxides. These can result in severe skin allergies and inflammation.

Eye problems

If the colour enters the eyes of animals, it can result in partial or permanent blindness.

Breathing problems

Even in humans, there is a growth in respiratory disorders at the time of Holi. The same goes for stray animals who face many breathing issues by the virtue of being exposed to a high amount of chemical colourants.

In addition to these issues, it is common for stray animals to scratch themselves. The deposits of colours on their skins can slowly reach the internal system leading to severe health issues.

During the ongoing Holi season, the street dogs are also at a higher risk of being exposed to rash driving and drink & drive. To prevent this reflective collar is a great solution as it enhances their visibility at night or in hours of fog. But for this concept to work, it must be the best waterproof dog collar.

The group of dog lovers in a particular locality can not only raise awareness in their neighborhood but to curb dog fatalities they can generously contribute to tag dogs with the best waterproof dog collar which works during the Holi celebration too involving water balloons.