Reflective Collar

Save Lives With Reflective Collars For Street Animals

It is not an unknown fact the rate of accidents is high during hours of poor visibility for instance at night or during winters. As per the statistics, almost 33 per cent of road accidents occur at night due to poor visibility on roads. Road accidents involving street animals are not only fatal for individuals but are life-taking for animals too. Many times, the animals are left in helpless conditions on the road and get marks of permanent injury or disabilities.

Rash driving and drunk driving are quite common these days and are a major cause of road accidents. The drivers who are driving at a high speed often tend to ignore almost invisible or poorly visible dogs or cows at night and often hit them. In various cases, the ones who are driving in speed are often the ones who are drunk. In such a drunken state, a driver tends to care the least or is not bothered at all if she/he hits a street animal and ignores the badly injured animals and passes by.  

Efforts are being made over the years at different levels by different stakeholders to curb the high rate of accidents in India which is fatal for individuals as well as street animals. These efforts include creating awareness among masses to not indulge in a rash or drunk driving. At the same time, various non-profits and animal lover organisations working in the interest of saving animals are coming up with solutions and campaigns to save street animals.

Pawsitivity, an Indore-based group of animal lovers, is not only running effective campaigns to save the lives of animals and individuals but has come up with the idea of ‘Reflective Collars For Street Animals’. The organization manufactures and distributes reflective collars all across the country. The reasonably priced collars cost just Rs. 30. The organization aims to distribute collars more than 5000 collars across India.

If you are also looking forward to making a difference by contributing to a life-saving campaign and the cause, you can donate to Pawsitivity and help us in building a safe and better world for all. 

To pay via Paytm (for Android users only) :

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You can also do a bank transfer to the below-mentioned account:

Account number: 80808110144496

Account name: Pawsitivity


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